by Not of Man

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Not of Mans 4th Release focuses on loss and mental stability


released June 6, 2013

Kurtis Forsythe, Zach Shipman



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Not of Man Los Angeles, California

Forsythe and Shipman met in 1992. Recorded Their first album album in 2001 under the Name 750Mg. Which helped develop their song writing and productions skills they currently deliver, Not of Man really has no official musical style other than expect the unexpected to come next. From Rock, Ambient, Electronic, EDM, Country, Hip Hop, Metal, Prog, Indie and Pop. All we can say is enjoy the ride!!! ... more

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Track Name: A Spec of Hope
Forcing down a new regret
tried so hard I can't seem to forget
Tried to peel this film from my eyes
too afraid of the other side

just in case
you decide to stay with
past the point
there is hope inside of me
just try to believe

It may seem like my stare lacks a path
like I'm on some distant land
while I'm trying so hard to be here
will I let myself disappear

I have to be here

just in case
you decide to stay with
past the point
there is hope inside of me
just try to believe
I need you here with me
Track Name: The Optimist
Down in the depths of my lowest low
I watch them peel flesh from bone
claw their way to the top
up above in my highest high
it seems there never satisfied
nothing is good enough

yet there is a soul
who tends to be alone
she stands off to the side
and paints the world behind her eyes
I wish that I could see
the way that she sees me
she brings the world to life
this world behind her eyes

down in the cracks there's an in between
where they shuffle through there broken dreams
there trapped within this grey
up above where their eyes peer down
they crack a smile at the crowd
they'll never leave this place
Track Name: A God Among us
Although he's closer to the end
he still finds the strength to smile
as the cancer grows he finds his peace inside
although the pain has made him still
he finds the strength to speak
words possessing warmth to put our minds to ease

it takes its hold, it won't let him go
it takes his breath, it's in his head
it takes his mind, it deceives his eyes
it takes his words, it's getting worse

and what he doesn't know
he's in our souls
it tries to break him down
it pulls him underground

yet he still lives inside of our hearts
we hold his memories
he loves inside of our hearts
I carry him with me